A Positive Outlook


What better way is there to talk up your sport than to have its promoters, its broadcasters and those with the power and influence display such a public outpouring of affection for it? Crikey, I seem to have misspelt that. It should have read 'public bashing'. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is your welcome to this bafflingly brilliant and bizarre sport.

Teams and drivers dominate from season to season, era to era even. It happens now. It happened then. It always has, and it always will. It's the nature of the sport. Stick a quick driver in a quick car, and they win. Well, more often than not.

We have a tendency to look back and reminisce about the good old days, the happy times etc etc. Nonsense. Yes, one team is somewhat dominating at the moment, and they have done for a little while. Red Bull before them? Ferrari? McLaren? It's swings and roundabouts. Or in McLaren's current state, more like a slide. And a big one at that.

I tuned in to the practice session this morning for the Austrian Grand Prix. I'm super delighted I did. Oh the positivity. Here, there and every..oh wait. No it wasn't. What would you change about this, how would you tweak that, what would you do differently? Where's my brain? Where am I? (okay, those last two were somewhat taking the Michael, but still). Anything good to say? Oh. Okay.

It's quite disheartening really, to see the sport you've grown up loving talked down so much by those privileged enough to watch this for a living. And then you see the smile on Daniel Ricciardo's face, and all is great with the world again.

Character and positivity. The sport has it. The drivers have it. Let's see and talk about it more often! Are we in a stellar period? Maybe, maybe not. But let's give it a chance before deciding it's a pile of crap after 15 minutes.

Mercedes do have competition, and when pushed can make mistakes in and out of the garage. Williams are back near the front, Lotus too potentially. McLaren can surely only go forwards. Multiple World Champions. Multiple future World Champions. Racing on tracks such as Spa, Interlagos and Suzuka. A ludicrously talented looking feeder series. More information and access for fans globally than ever before. Not bad, eh? Let's talk about this stuff!

I've grown up loving this sport since I can remember. We probably all have. And we most certainly all have our own reasons for liking, disliking and following parts of Formula 1. Yes, it'd be nice if tickets were cheaper, if it was more digital friendly, but maybe more than anything else at the moment, it'd be in a much healthier position if it didn't keep shooting itself in the foot. Hardly something you want when driving at 200mph.

I'll leave you with this tweet from Martin Brundle. "I'm becoming an outsider, swimming against the tide. You see, weirdly, I still think F1 is overall amazing, and I'm lucky to be part of it."

Paul Godley 19/06/2015

Image source (and all image rights): F1 Broadcasting - en.espnf1.com

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