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Good day people! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Paul Godley and I'm a 23-year-old Information Technology and Media Communications graduate from Lancaster University that discovered a new way of enjoying Formula 1; by writing about it.


A fan since 1996, Formula 1 has played a huge part in my life and it's something that I want to continue for many years to come. The world of Formula 1 interests me greatly and the global platform on which it is displayed will hopefully allow me to progress through the ranks of reporting on the greatest sport the world has to offer. I've discovered a real passion and drive for writing in recent times and by combining this with my love of Formula 1, I've been able to produce a range of high quality and in-depth articles covering a variety of topics in and out side of the sport.


Hopefully this passion shines through when reading the articles and leaves you wanting to read more. There is so much to discuss in this sport; drivers, teams, form, rumours, controversy and rule changes to name but a few, providing such a huge base from which to write about. Simply put, I love Formula 1. Everything about it interests me, but in particular the writing side. To be at each race reporting on the various goings-on during the weekend would be a dream job and something that one day may happen, who knows. Hopefully the content on this website drives home my utter admiration and affection for the sport.


All of the writing on this website belongs to and has been written by myself (unless stated otherwise). If you have seen something on the website that you like, would like a copy of, would like to publish on your website or in your magazine then I would be more than happy to allow that to happen, as long as permission is asked first. I'm always looking to write new things, with new people in new places. If you'd like to work alongside me or in collaboration with myself, then I'd love to hear from you. There are numerous ways to contact; these can be found on by clicking on the Contact page here or at the top of each page. I really do hope you've enjoyed the pieces on here and hope to here from you soon!


Happy reading!


Top Drivers

Driver Points
Hamilton 252
Rosberg 211
Vettel 203
Raikkonen 107
Bottas 101
Massa 97



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