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  • Is it a sport? Is it a business? Or is it entertainment? The answer is a cocktail of all three. It's an elite sport with a profound whiff of money, dissolved in an entertainment bubble. Delicious, no doubt. But in recent weeks and months there have been more than a few grumblings about how F1 needs to market itself, and maybe more so its stars - the drivers - more in keeping with other top line sports around the globe. The simple question is, should it? [Read More]

  • What better way is there to talk up your sport than to have its promoters, its broadcasters and those with the power and influence display such a public outpouring of affection for it? Crikey, I seem to have misspelt that. It should have read 'public bashing'. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is your welcome to this bafflingly brilliant and bizarre sport. [Read More]

  • Here's a question for you. If you, yes you, had the chance to compile the Formula 1 calendar for a season - would you select Monaco as one of the twenty or so events of the year? If you were to look at it sensibly, you'd probably say no. Outgrown, outdated and out of place. But since when has F1 been sensible? Logic often gets thrown out of the window, and on this weekend of all weekends, I'm so glad it has been yet again. [Read More]

  • F1 and drama. They really do go hand in hand. Or should that be handbag in handbag? Nope, that doesn't really work, does it? But you get the point. [Read More]

  • As you may be aware, for the last few seasons I've kept track of what the Drivers and Constructors standings would look had Formula 1 still been using some previous points systems. Well, for 2015, it's back and better than ever!. These SIX tables will be updated after each race, so make sure you keep checking back to find out what things would look like under different formats. Anyway, enough rambling for now, here's some tables and numbers. Yay! [Read More]

  • I can't afford to buy a Rolex. It must be time for me to stop watching F1. [Read More]

  • In a season dominated by Mercedes, perhaps one of the most pleasing and enjoyable highlights has come not from a Silver Arrows driver, but one that is instead powered by the all conquering German power unit and carrying the supremely cool Martini livery. I am of course talking about the new 'Flying Finn', Valtteri Bottas. [Read More]

  • Could Nico Hulkenberg - a man and a driver that has impressed so many since he first entered the Formula 1 circus - once again become the sport's most talked about 'forgotten man'? It appears to have become an unfortunate annual event, and one that you sense doesn't sit well amongst many in and out of the paddock. Tipped for greatness by so many, but will he ever be given the chance? [Read More]

  • Sport sparks emotion. Positive emotion, negative emotion. It's all there, and always there. In a world where we all too often focus on the negatives, shouldn't we take just a little time out to look at the hugely positive aspects of this frankly crazy sport we find ourselves glued to? [Read More]

  • "Former Formula 1 team boss Flavio Briatore is to be involved in a new working group being set up by Bernie Ecclestone to look at ways of making the sport more popular." - Autosport. You couldn't make it up, could you? It's something we may wish was just made up, but alas, that appears to not be the case. Leaving politics aside for a second - is this something that the sport actually needs? Do we need to improve 'the show'? Do we need to make the sport more popular? Maybe, just maybe, it should be about improving the experience for the most important section of the sport - the fans? [Read More]


    Top Drivers

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    Hamilton 252
    Rosberg 211
    Vettel 203
    Raikkonen 107
    Bottas 101
    Massa 97



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